Pahani i-RTC – Original RTC Certified Copy Print (i-Wallet Services)

You can now get an Original Certified Copy of your RTC (Pahani) online using Bhoomi Online portal’s i-Wallet Services, this original copy you can use for official purposes. You have to pay nominal fees of Rs 10 to Rs 15 per RTC.

SubjectRTC (Pahani) Original Certified Copy – i-Wallet Services
PortalRTC Karnataka

Available Services on i-Wallet

  • i-RTC (Pahani)
  • i-MR (Mutation Extract)
  • Nadakacheri Services
  • Wallet Manager
  • i-RTC History
  • Crop Loan Waiver Certificate Bank
  • Crop Loan Waiver Certificate PACS
  • Survey Document
  • Re-Print i-MR
  • Re-Print i-RTC
  • Verify i-MR
  • Verify i-RTC
  • i-MR History

Process to Print Original Certified Copy of RTC (Pahani) using i-Wallet Services

Visit the official RTC (Pahani) page

To get an Original Certified Copy of of RTC (Pahani) you have to visit the below webpage where you access various land record services.

Page –

Step 1 – Registration/Login –

Registration is mandatory to use the i-wallet services. If you are a new user then Sign Up OR If you already registered then Login to this portal. You can register by giving your Personal Details, Address Details, and Aadhar Details then click on the Sign Up / Submit button.

After registering yourself you can Login to this portal, enter your User ID and Password then enter Captcha and click on the Login button.

Step 2 – Dashboard –

After login to i-wallet services, you will see various services on your screen. You can access various services through this dashboard.

Step 3 – Add money to i-Wallet –

Now you have to Add Money to your i-Wallet account so you can use this service. Enter the amount, tick mark the Terms & Conditions then select the payment gateway and click on the Pay Now button.

Step 4 – Search RTC Record –

You can search your i-RTC by selecting District, Taluk, Hobli, Village, and Survey Number then click on the GO button. After that select your Surnoc No., Hissa No., and RTC Validity Period then click on the Fetch Details button.

Owner and RTC Details will appear on your screen to verify the details, Use the View RTC button to Preview your RTC then click on Pay and Print i-RTC button to download your certified copy of i-RTC.

From your i-Wallet money will be debited and your Certified i-RTC will be downloaded you can now Print this original copy.

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